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Cataract Center

Kresloff Eye Associates provide state of the art cataract surgery including Dropless™, Laser-Assisted cataract surgery

Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss among people over the age of 55. Kresloff Eye Associates offers our cataract patients successful cataract surgery using the most sophisticated technologies available today. Our practice focuses on individualized treatment so that each patient receives unique care tailored to their specific needs. We pride ourselves in quality care so that you can be assured that your cataracts will be properly examined and effectively treated.

Why Choose Kresloff Eye Associates for your Cataract Surgery?

With our leading edge technology that includes Dropless™ laser-assisted surgery, our cataract patients can now experience a greater array of treatment options when exploring cataract surgery. We offer the convenience of outpatient procedures, comfortable surgical environments, friendly staff, and quick recovery.

Kresloff  Eye Associates also offers premium advanced technology intraocular lens implants that are able to correct for astigmatism, near sightedness and far sightedness. Some lenses even offer the potential to eliminate reading glasses as well. Imagine the possibility of being able to get rid of not only your cataracts but your dependency on glasses too!

We make sure that our patients are closely monitored after their cataract surgery with follow-up appointments to ensure that their eyes are healing correctly. Contact us online or call Kresloff Eye Associates today to schedule a consultation. We will provide step-by-step guidance in ensuring that your cataracts will become a thing of the past!

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